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Dog the Bounty Hunter Justin's Big Day (HD, TV-PG) 21-year-old Justin does tasks the other members don't want to do, but after expressing his desire to be a full-fledge hunter, Dog lets him take the lead.
Dog the Bounty Hunter It's Good to be Home (HD, TV-PG) While visiting his home town of Denver, Colorado, Dog gets a tip from a radio call-in show which leads him to a fugitive at a local Taco Bell.
Whacked Out Videos Anger Management (TV-14) A stunned security guard, a shark who teaches a fisherman a lesson, ladies who have a fist fight, and monks behaving badly are featured.
The Game Plane (HD, New, TV-14) Unsuspecting passengers on select flights participate in an impromptu game show, answering a variety of trivia questions for the chance to win cash and prizes.
The Pinkertons Kansas City (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Allan Pinkerton assigns his son William and his top agent, Kate Warne to look into a string of bank robberies happening in Kansas City.

« A Piece of the Action (TV-PG, PG, **+) Two petty crooks are blackmailed by a retired cop and forced to help a social worker keep a group of inner-city teenagers on the right side of the law.
Friday Foster (TV-14, R, **) An ex-model turned photographer becomes embroiled in a nefarious plot to assassinate political leaders within the African American community.

« Combat! Escape to Nowhere (TV-PG) Hanley is captured by a German general fleeing the Gestapo towards Allied lines due to his participation in the plot to assassinate Hitler.
12 O'Clock High Those Who Are About to Die (TV-PG) An aircraft plant in Rhone Valley, 120 miles beyond fighter support range and surrounded by 500 anti-aircraft batteries is the next mission for the 918th.
The Saint The Well Meaning Mayor (TV-PG) A newly-elected mayor faces accusations of corruption and after his opponent ends up murdered, The Saint begins to question his affiliations.
Stagecoach West Blind Man's Bluff (TV-PG) A blind gunfighter plans to woo a pretty saloon singer by killing her piano-playing husband and the chanteuse; the couple is now forced to run for their lives.

« Nadie te querrá como yo (NR, **) Una joven, que decidió consagrarse al servicio de Dios, entra como novicia a un convento y poco después es violada por un extraño, quedando embarazada.
Alerta... alta tensión (TV-PG, NR) Cero y su banda tratan de conseguir la fórmula de una sustancia, con el fin de dominar el mundo.
Programa pagado (TV-G) Espacio dedicado a la publicidad de productos comerciales patrocinados por diferentes compañías.

Inside Edition (HD, New, TV-PG) News correspondents present an alternative program involving hard-hitting investigations, celebrity and pop culture news and gossip, and human interest pieces.
Leverage The Boiler Room Job (HD, TV-PG) Nate and his charismatic team attempt to con a master con-artist, who has built up a reputation through his work and his prestigious lineage.
Comedy.TV (New, TV-PG) Well-known and rising comics take to the stage to perform their side-splitting routines for a live audience and interested viewers at home.
NewsRadio Luncheon at the Waldorf (TV-PG) Bill asks Beth to join him at an awards function, which causes Lisa to worry about his motivations; Dave check into the office staff's personal expense reports.

Night Gallery The House (TV-PG) After a recurring dream featuring a strange house, the former resident of a mental institution discovers the building.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Trap (TV-PG) An angry woman decides to finally take matters into her own hands when her lover doesn't murder her husband, but her actions lead to unintended consequences.
Thriller La Strega (TV-PG) After a young woman and her penniless lover defy her grandmother's wishes, the old lady uses witchcraft to make their lives unpleasant.
The Green Hornet Give 'em Enough Rope (TV-PG) After a man claiming to have evidence of a racketeer's fraudulent insurance claim is found dead in a warehouse, the Green Hornet takes a visit to the racketeer.

« Sleepwalkers (TV-14, R, *+) When mother and son vampires visit a small town, they seek prey amongst the schoolgirls, but as the death toll rises, so does the anger of the townspeople.
The Addams Family Ophelia Finds Romance (TV-G) The family tries to convince Ophelia that her new beau is no good and they try to expose him so she will marry Cousin Itt instead.
The Addams Family Morticia, the Decorator (TV-G) Morticia offers to help the new neighbors decorate their home, but the results are not what the neighbors expected.
The Addams Family Pugsley's Allowance (TV-G) In need of money, Pugsley gets a job doing yard work and house cleaning for the Hensons but destroys the property in the process.

« TouchVision TouchVision-Beta Release - - 24/7 News & Information Programming
TouchVision TouchVision-Beta Release - - 24/7 News & Information Programming
TouchVision TouchVision-Beta Release - - 24/7 News & Information Programming
TouchVision TouchVision-Beta Release - - 24/7 News & Information Programming
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